Saturday 5 November 2011

Fw [dxld] Radio Romania's 83 Anniversary

By Radio Romania International
 November 1, 2011

 Despite being 83 years old, the national radio station, which aired its first show on November 1st 1928, doesn’t seem old at all. On the contrary, the 1990s, in the wake of the anti-Communist revolution, ushered in a new generation of journalists alongside the freedom of expression on air.

 They simply breathed new life into the leader of the market, since the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation has an almost 32% market share at national level. A great achievement reported by Radio Romania is the 2009 digitization of the radio archive, which is the oldest media archive in Romania.

 Therefore famous voices from the golden tape library will thus be heard in the next millennia. Historian Nicolae Iorga, writer Mircea Eliade, poet Tudor Arghezi and literary critic Nicolae Lovinescu will virtually address many future generations of young people, as if they were still alive.

 At this time of celebration Radio Romania and its 2300 employees want to set new goals. First and foremost they want to consolidate the radio station’s status of public radio station, which is different from that of independent stations, as well as the principles underlying this ageless institution such as professionalism, omnipresence, balance, respect for the national history and culture, for the Romanian and world values.

 All departments of Radio Romania are involved in this process: Radio Romania- News and Current Affairs, Radio Romania International, the Culture Channel, Radio Romania Regional (with its 10 regional and local stations and studios), Radio Romania Music Channel, the Village Antena, Radio3net and Radio Junior.

 The first regional studio of Radio Romania was set up on October 8th 1939 in Chisinau, the then capital of the historical province of Bessarabia (the present capital of the Republic of Moldova). On December 1st 2011, on Romania’s national day, Radio Romania- Chisinau will be inaugurated in the Republic of Moldova’s capital, an FM station that will inform Moldovan citizens on the realties in neighboring Romania.

 It is a station targeting those “who think and feel or who maybe have doubts related to the openness towards Europe and its values” as the president general director of Radio Romania, Andras Istvan Demeter said.

 The first experimental broadcasts for listeners abroad were aired in 1927 when the station was set up. On February 12th 1939 a Romanian broadcast for the USA was launched ahead of Romania’s participation in the World Exhibition hosted by New York. Today RRI broadcasts in 11 languages, including Romanian, and also in the Macedo-Romanian dialect.

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